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Last year, we honored our long-time co-hort and fellow DJ.... DJ^NoRtHeRnLiGhTs with the first ever... DJ of the Year Award. We felt the award should be given to a DJ that really "heard" our listeners. One that understood that the music we play, and the laughs we share, are more for the listeners of the station than it is for us as DJ's... DJ^NoRtHeRnLiGhTs has always exemplified those traits... and we thank him

This year we took the award and it's meaning to heart and asked the listeners to choose the next DJ of the Year... and what a response we got...."It's too hard to pick one..." .. "I like them all." .. "I can't make up my mind yet..." .. "Haven't voted yet cause I can't choose just one... " ... In the end, over 80 votes were cast, and with much pride and love we say to them...... YOU DID GOOD!!!!!

The listener's choice, and this year's DJ of the Year... one of the founding father's of who this station is... the guy who puts the ease.... in cheese.... Dj-Stoner!!!!! Congrats!!!! And well deserved!!!


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